EVE’s concepts shared at various world forums

To improve EVE's blueprint, its concept is discussed by the WCRP community, as well as at COP28.

The July 2023 Berlin Summit for EVE was but the first wider forum to discuss the concept and blueprint for EVE. As planned by the convenors of the Summit, the statement of the participants was shared through various channels, but the largest events of the end of 2023 to feature discussions on the impact of emerging technologies on climate modeling were the WCRP (World Climate Research Programme) Open Science Conference, which took place this October in Kigali, Rwanda, and the UNFCCC COP28 meeting, which was held in Dubai, UAE, in December.


EVE’s idea and potential were the focus of a keynote talk and a following townhall session in Kigali, and these brought the much-needed outsider opinions to the wider discussion of the concept, bringing out the concerns about the sustainability and risks for the current projects and methodologies. The constructive comments were welcomed by the authors of the EVE blueprint, as it allows for a more transparent outline of EVE.


At COP28 EVE was featured in the framework of the China Pavilion discussion on ‘Climate and environmental prediction on EarthLab’, thus raising EVE’s concept to a higher policy level.